Travel and Quarantine Requirements

Travel and Entry Requirements

  • Entry bans for all foreign nationals, including visa-exempt nationals as well as nationals eligible for visa on arrival / landing visas, except for:
    • Holders of a valid Alien Resident Certificates (ARC)

    • Personnel on diplomatic or official business, persons who can prove they are fulfilling commercial and contractual obligations, or persons admitted for special humanitarian reasons

    • Spouses and minor children of R.O.C. nationals or Alien Resident Certificate holders

    • Other foreign nationals who obtained special permission.

    • Visitors approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enter Taiwan for reasons other than tourism or regular social visits.

    • Students approved by Ministry of Education.

    • International patient (including companions) approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare.

  • Travellers are required to provide a COVID-19 RT-PCR negative test report issued within three working days of their incoming flight's scheduled departure time.
  • Log into the Quarantine System for Entry (

  • A mobile phone is required to fill out the health declaration form prior to departure.

Quarantine and Health Requirements

  • Travelers who have travelled to the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa, the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Federative Republic of Brazil in the past 14 days (transited in those countries included) is required to stay at group quarantine facilities after arrival in Taiwan and to receive COVID-19 testing before completing the quarantine period. After testing negative, they will be required to complete the subsequent 7-day period of self-health management.
  • Mandatory 14-day quarantine and required to provide a proof of the place of quarantine (a group quarantine facility or quarantine hotel).

  • Travelers who choose to quarantine at home must sign an affidavit declaring they have met the requirement of one person per residence.

Updated as at 29 March 2021

Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19, there has been a constant change in terms of work permit process, timeline, travel restrictions, quarantine period, medical tests as well as insurance requirements etc. All these requirements can change by the respective authorities in both country of work and candidate’s home country from time to time. The process, timeline and costs that Innovare provides is a guideline and is subject to change if any process is being changed. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the time of communication, Innovare cannot guarantee nor be liable for such change in timeline or costs arising from any pandemic related factors so please take note of the potentially volatile situation during this period.