Immigration Support

Immigration Support Services

The vision of Singapore as a multinational hub meant that an open manpower policy was in force. Talent was encouraged to relocate here, meaning that immigration requirements became expansionary. The policy succeeded in spurring growth but at the same time, the population grew from about 1.8m (1965) to 5.5m (2015) with about a third comprising of foreigners.

The political backlash in declining electoral votes resulted in a tightening of immigration policies from 2012 to the present. Initially, it was focused on the lower wage workers but from 2013, the guidelines extended to the professionals. It’s not a question of shutting the doors but policies dictate that fair consideration needs to be given to locals first.

Innovare is a fully licensed company recognized by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). We help companies navigate Singapore’s immigration regulations when they want to explore applying for their staff and families.

We provide advice and assistance on applications for the following:

  • Employment Pass for Professionals
  • Upgrading of S Pass to Employment Pass
  • Dependant Pass for Spouse and Children (For EP holders)
  • Long term Pass for Parents (For EP holders)
  • Letter of Consent to work in Singapore
  • Student Pass to study in Singapore
  • Appeal for Rejected Cases

Our service includes :

  • Evaluation of your requirements and recommending the correct permit to apply for
  • Review of your eligibility
  • Assistance in filling the necessary forms
  • Collection and review of your documents to ensure correctness
  • Lodgement of the application
  • Providing any clarifications required by MOM
  • Follow-up for approval
  • Coordinate on the issuance of your pass

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